• Almost 30 years I have struggled in different countries and have learned lot of things, have gathered different kinds of experience from different business, from different operations and from multinational people. During these years in overseas I have faced thousands of very painful things and overcome one by one and finally able to stand on this stage. I strongly believe KEY for all successful business is Team Play, Highest Level of Efficient Service, Customer Satisfaction, Customer Care, Customer Value, Quality, Commitment and Loyalty.

    From last 17 years I am living in Japan and from my long overseas experience I have realized that, Japanese people are the best people compare to any other nation with full of kindness and respectable sense of humor and with full of loyalty – which is incomparable with any nation in the world. Not only that, Japanese product is the best and reliable product in the world which has proven. We and world should learn things from this peaceful, kind and very generous nation. And I am very proud to be a part for this Japanese organization.

    However, our overall business philosophy is not only making money or the profit, rather our strategy heads towards any business goal of doing business to bring better life of the people in the region and it lands. In today’s global economy it is now a proven fact that individual’s growth is a vital growth for any country and ultimately for the world.

    Besides doing business our constant effort will be to improve the quality of life for South Asian people (specially Bangladesh). We will work with integrity and will give greater vitality to all South Asian Country and for their people.
    “SR” aimed at grooming the future with peace, prosperity and happiness for everyone in the world.
    Thank you very much for your valuable time.